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Debi Gordon

I established Simply Gents in 2006 with the goals of providing impeccable service and creating quality relationships with clients. I have eighteen years of experience and used that experience to leverage a successful business based on the satisfaction of my clients, employees and myself. I strive for excellence in the services we provide with the knowledge that growth is born out of hard work and the desire to make a positive impact on our clients. Opening the doors to Simply Gents was one of the greatest days of my life and it has been my pleasure to serve hundreds of clients since.

Walk-ins are always welcome at Simply Gents, although we recommend calling for an appointment or booking on line to arrange the best time for you. So come in and find out why Simply Gents is truly the secret weapon of the well-groomed man.

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"There are two things that are timeless: great advice and the appeal of a well-groomed man"

Hair Care Fit For a King

Gentlemen’s Haircut $35 & up
Precision haircut including a relaxing shampoo, scalp, face and hand massage.

Little Gents $25
Precision haircut for children 10 and under.

Buzz Cut $20
Standard even all over cut with just clippers (no scissors used).

Head Shave $35
Chrome your dome with a straight razor and warm lather.

Shape-Up $20
If it's not time yet for your next haircut but you want that freshly groomed feel, come on in for some cleaning around the edges.

Beard & Mustache Detail $20
Trimming and shaping of the beard and/or mustache.

Classic Hot Shave $35
A classic indulgence with hot towels, warm lather and a relaxing face massage.

Hair Color  $35 & up
A variety of hair coloring techniques from blending the grey to full color conversion.


Overhaul your tired hands with cuticle detailing, nail shaping and a soothing massage.

Sports Pedicure $30
A manicure for your feet, including callous removal, a scrub for dead skin ending with a calf and foot massage.


Back $15

Chest $15


Eyebrows $15

Back $55 & up

Chest $55 & up

½ Leg $30 & up

Full Leg $65 & up

½ Arm $25 & up

Full Arm $50 & up

Skin Care

Facials $55
A must for tired skin. Deep cleansing, exfoliation with only the best skin care designed especially for men.

Back Facial $65
A facial designed for hard to reach areas.

Groom's Day Services

Custom Packages for Your Special Day
Continue the bachelor's party from the night before with the crew at Simply Gents. Bring your group in and let us spruce them up for your special day. We will design a package to meet your needs and the groom's cut is free. Call for details and to book your day of grooming bliss.

Service Personnel, We Salute You!

All military personnel (veterans & active duty), law enforcement, firefighters, first responders and emergency workers, we salute you. For your courage, your sacrifice and for your selfless acts of bravery, for what you give to your communities & country and for what you do for all of us, Simply Gents thanks you!

To express our gratitude we offer you a 20% discount on all our services all the time.

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Happy Customers

Team S.G.

Debi Gordon – barber/owner

Born to traveling carnival parents, Debi grew up under the big top with her sights set on being a trapeze artist extraordinaire. Once she realized that meant actually flying high sans net, she shifted her sights to something a bit more grounded. Being a natural born leader with a flare for style and finesse, the world of grooming services seemed a natural next step. But not just any grooming would do, Debi wanted to create a place where men could be men and would feel comfortable and relaxed, a man’s home away form home as it were. And with Simply Gents that is just what she did.

Kody Tomasso – barber

With only 2 quarters and a straight razor in hand, Kody left home at the age of 5 to fulfill his life-long dream of being a barber. In his travels Kody has not only shaved kings and queens but their children as well earning himself the title of Sir Kody the Barber. In addition to great shaves, tight fades, design cuts and hot modern styles, Kody is also the master of his domain at KTB Barber Supply.

Amy Acosta – barber

With her heart set on Hollywood, Amy left home and set off to be a star. Singing for her supper and often breakfast as well, she stopped in at Simply Gents for an audition. Once she realized Simply Gents was not a road house but rather the best barber shop on the planet, she grabbed a pair of scissors and started cutting her way to the top. Today Amy holds a gold star on the walkway of the well groomed man and gives one hell of a great hair cut.

Danielle Cintron – barber

While working at NASA Danielle almost realized her dream of being the first barber in space, but an unfortunate coin toss brought her dreams to a screeching halt. Heads, heads, heads... one thing Danielle took away from her astronaut days is always choose heads. And since Simply Gents is more than a head above the rest, with her keen eye for style and meticulous attention to detail, Danielle is a natural fit.

Stephanie Farina – barber-in-training

After a perplexing conversation with a frog, Stephanie developed a sudden allergy to pepper and quickly left the kitchen. It occurred to her that while she has often seen a face without a smile, she has never seen a smile without a face. This realization prompted her to wonder how a raven was like a writing desk... With no clear answer in sight it seemed a good time to pick up a pair of scissors and get to making the world look great with a smile. If you can help Stephanie with her riddle she will be eternally grateful and give you one hell of a great haircut to boot.

What our clients have to say

  • As a long time customer, there is no where else I would go. I recommend Simply Gents to all my friends. The atmosphere is great, the services are wonderful and they make you look and feel a king.

    Chad G.
  • Simply Gents is simply the best place in the world to get a terrific haircut and have a great time doing it. Debi and her staff will make you look better and feel better at the same time. If you don't go there, you need your head examined.

    Angelo Cataldi, 94.1 WYSP Sports Radio
  • I consistently receive a great haircut and closest shave in town while enjoying a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Two thumbs up for Simply Gents.

    Tom L.
  • My wife bought me a gift card for a haircut and a massage and I am hooked. Thank you Simply Gents!

    William B.
  • I brought my grooms party in for well needed clean up and had the best time. The girls at Simply Gents are friendly, fun and very talented. It was very relaxing and just what I needed before my ‘big day’ I hope I never have to get married again but if I do, we will all be back.

    Chris & Party
  • I have been going to Simply Gents for years and can only say good things about them. The place is clean, the staff is professional and friendly and every time I go I have great a time. Its like my home away form home.

    Eric H.

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